Our Brief History & Location:

The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports was initially set up as Department of Sports in 1982 at the time of organization of IX Asian Games in New Delhi.   It became a separate Ministry on 27th May, 2000. The Ministry is located in Shastri Bhavan, ‘C’ Wing, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi.


Our vision is to provide opportunities for developing the personality of youth so that they may achieve their full potential and involving them in various nation-building activities on the one side, and, “broadbasing” of sports and “achieving excellence” at National and International levels on the other.

Our Mission

To formulate policies aimed at promotion and development of Youth and Sports in  the country..

q       To formulate and implement policies and programmes  aimed at facilitating the all round development of the personality of youth through sports and community services. 

q       To formulate and implement  policies and programmes aimed at involving the youth in various nation-building activities.

q       To formulate and implement policies and programmesTo formulate and implement policies and programmes, encouraging and popularising indigenous sports, designed to achieve excellence in competitive sports and to establish India as a leading country in sports in Asia and the World commensurate with our potential.



 Our clients are:

-                      The Youth and the adolescents, Non-Governmental Organisations/Voluntary Organisations/Associations.

-                      Nehru Yuva Kendras (NYKS) and the Youth clubs/mahila mandals affiliated thereunder, National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers and its various Regional Centres.

-                      State/UT Governments

-                      Sports Persons, their coaches and supporting personnel

-                      National Sports Federations/Regional Sports Associations/Bodies/International Sports Bodies

-                      Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Indian Olympic Association (IOA)

-                      Various Ministries/ Departments of Central/State/UT Governments

-                      Sports Goods Industries




            The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports provides financial and non-financial help and assistance to the our clients under various schemes.


Our Commitment


q    We are committed to provide impartial, sympathetic and prompt services to the public in matters related to youth affairs and sports.

q       Our commitment is to process the proposals received expeditiously and efficiently.

q       Our commitment is to take steps to speedily redress the grievances received by us either from the public or from our staff.

q       Our commitment is to formulate policies and initiate consultations with all concerned parties and to amend them whenever required.


Our Organization


q       The Ministry is headed by the Cabinet Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports and also has a Minister of State for Youth Affairs & Sports.  The administrative set up of the Ministry is headed by Secretary, Youth Affairs & Sports who is assisted by Joint Secretary (Sports), Joint Secretary (Youth Affairs) and Joint Secy (Admn.)


q       Our sub-ordinate/autonomous field organizations include the Sports Authority of India (SAI), Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), Laxmibai National Institute of Physical Education (LNIPE), Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD) and National Service Scheme (NSS).  The Organizational chart of the Ministry with its Sub-ordinate offices/autonomous organizations is given in Annexure I.



Our Schemes and Programmes




q       Grants for Creation of Sports Infrastructure:- Under this Scheme, the Ministry gives grants to State/UT Governments, Local Statutory Bodies and registered voluntary bodies active in the field of Sports for development of play fields, construction of Indoor/Outdoor Stadia facilities, Swimming pools, Water and Winter Sports infrastructure, Shooting ranges, and additional facilities in the existing Sports projects.  In addition, the Ministry also assists State/UT Governments for construction of District/State Level sports Complexes.  Financial assistance is rendered subject to the cost being shared between the Union Government and the sponsoring agencies/State Governments concerned in the ratio 75:25 in respect of Special Category States,and Hilly/Tribal Areas, and 50:50 in case of other areas.   Central assistance is limited to the ceilings indicated in the scheme for different facilities.  Kendriya Vidyala Sangathan /Navodya Vidyala samiti/State/UT Administration will also be eligible to avail assistance upto Rs 5.00 lakhs for construction of certain facilities in their schools.


q       Grants to Rural Schools for Sports Equipment and Playground;- Under this Scheme, the Ministry releases grants to Secondary /Senior Secondary Schools located in rural areas on fulfilment of conditions regarding availability of play field of a requisite size, having a regularly appointed physical education teacher etc. up to a maximum of Rs 1.50 lakhs for development of Play field and purchase of consumable /non consumable sports equipment.  Only one School per year per Block and not exceeding two schools per Block during a plan period are provided assistance under this scheme.


Grant for Installation of Synthetic Playing Surfaces:-  The Ministry gives financial assistance to States/UTs/ State Sports Councils/Authorities, Sports Associations/Federations, Services/Railway Sports Control Board, Local Bodies, Universities/Colleges/Schools, Private/Public Sector Enterprises which are running Sports Academies and Sports Hostels.  Assistance upto Rs1.00 crore or 50% of the estimated cost, whichever is less, is provided for laying or replacement of the Hockey surface and athletic track only. 


q       Grants for Promotion of Sports in Universities and Colleges:-The Ministry provides financial assistance to the Universities/Colleges for development of play grounds/construction of Indoor Stadium facilities in the ratio of 75:25 in the case of Special Category States and in the ratio of 50:50 to all other States subject to a certain ceiling.  Financial Assistance is also given for purchase of Sports equipment upto a maximum ceiling of Rs 3.00 lakhs, Financial assistance is also provided to the Association of Indian Universities for holding Coaching/training camps of sports persons, inter university tournaments and participation in foreign tournaments. 


q       Assistance to National Sports Federations.:-The Ministry gives financial assistance to the recognised National Sports Federations for sending their teams abroad for training and participation in internationals tournaments, for holding international tournaments in India, for conducting National Championship and for procuring sports equipments  Financial assistance is also extended through SAI for organising coaching camps, for preparing National Teams and for engaging the services for foreign coaches.  Limited secretarial assistance is also provided by way of reimbursement of salary for Joint/Assistant Secretary of the Federations. .




q       Sports Scholarship Scheme:-Under this Scheme, State level Scholarship at the rate of Rs.450 per month, National Level Scholarship of Rs 600 per month and University /College level scholarship of Rs.750 per month are given to sports persons excelling at State, National and University/college levels.  Special Scholarships for women champions at the rate of Rs 1,000/- per month ( for senior Women sports persons), scholarship at the rate of Rs 6,000/- to women doing Diploma in sports coaching at SAI centre, and Rs 6,000/- to women doing M.Phil/PhD in Physical education per annum for a maximum of 3 years are also given under this scheme.  Scholarships are also offered to doctors and scientists and also to selected institutions to motivate and encourage them to undertake research in different aspects of sports science.


q        Awards and Other Incentives:-The Ministry has instituted the following awards to recognise   outstanding sports persons/coaches :-


i)                     Arjuna Award comprising of a scroll, a statuette  and cash prize of Rs.3,00,000/-is awarded as the highest national award to distinguished sports persons for outstanding performance during the year for which it is given and in the preceding three years. It is also awarded to sports persons who have made life time contribution to   sports and sports promotion..


ii)                    Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award:-An award of Rs.5.00.lakhs is      

given to honour the sports person/team for most spectacular and outstanding   performance in the field of Sports .  

iii)                  Dronacharya Award:- A scroll of  honour, a plaque and  cash prize of          Rs 2,50,000/- is awarded to eminent coaches .


          iv)          Maulana Abdual Kalam Azad Trophy:- A  Cash award of        

Rs.1,00,000/- is awarded to the best all round performance at University  level during the year.


v)                         Special Cash Award to medal winners in International Sports            

Events:   Special Cash awards ranging from 75,000 /- to              

 15,00,000/ are given for winning medals in specified international       

                        sports disciplines which are included in the Olympic, Asian         

 and  Commonwealth Games.


q        National Welfare Fund for Sports Persons:-Financial support in the form of monthly pension upto Rs.2,500/- is given to outstanding sports persons of yesteryears living in indigent circumstances.   Lump-sum grants of upto Rs. 40,000/- is also given for medical treatment. Sports persons suffering fatal injury during training for   participation in international competition are also given a maximum of Rs.1.00 lakh and those  sustaining injury other than fatal injury are given upto maximum of Rs.40,000/- . Besides , a lumpsum financial assistance not exceeding Rs.40,000/- in each case can be provided to the families of outstanding Sports persons in indigent circumstances. Sports promoters like TV or Radio Commentators , Referees, Coaches.Umpires et.c. who were eminent but not well off are given assistance not exceeding Rs.10,000/-.


q       Promotion of Sports and Games in Schools:-  Under the scheme , grant is given @ Rs.50,000/- per district and Rs.2,00,000/- per State/UT for holding District and State level inter-school tournaments.  State performing the best at the national level tournament is given an award of Rs.1,00,000/- alongwith a rolling trophy.


q       National Sports Development Fund   has been created with a view to mobilizing resources from Government, non-Government organisations,public and private  corporate sector, non resident Indians etc. for promotion of sports and Games.  100% exemption from income tax on all contributions to the Fund has been granted.


q       Sports Fund for Pension to Meritorious Sports Persons:-   Monthly pension @ Rs.2,500/- to Olympic Games Medalists and Gold Medalists of World Cup/World Championship and Rs.2,000/.p.m.to Silver and Bronze Medallists of World Cup, World championships, Gold medallists of Asian Games and Commonwealth Games are given under this scheme. The pension is given from the age of 30 onwards for life time.


q       The Sports Authority of India ( SAI)) implements the following sports promotion schemes for sub-junior/junior  and senior age groups.

1.National Sports Talent Contest Scheme

2. Army Boys Sports Company Scheme

3. Special Area Games

4. SAI-Training Centre//Centre of Excellence Scheme

5. National Coaching Scheme

Sports Authority of India also implements the following academic courses       

      through   various Institutes under  it:-

1. Netaji Subhash National Iinstitute of Sports,Patiala-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


            a) One year Diploma course in sports coaching

                    b) Two yeas Masters course in sports coaching

                    c) Two years Post Graduate Diploma course in sports medicine

                    d) Six weeks certificate course

      2. SAI,NS Southern Centre,,Bangalore:

          One year diploma course in sports coaching


     3.  SAI NS Eastern Centre, Kolkata :

         One year special course for north eastern states


4.  Laxmibai National College for Physical Education, Trivandrum

     a)  Bachelor of Physical Education(3 years course)

 b) Master of Physical Education( 2 years course)

c)   One year Post Graduate Diploma course in Health &Physical                Fitness   Management

 d) One year Post Graduate Diploma course in Adapted Physical                                     Education


q       The Laxmibai National Institute of Physical Education(LNIPE), Gwalior, a deemed University ,is a leading academic centre which offers the following courses:-

      1. Three years` Degree Course in  Physical Education (BPE) 

      2. Two years` Master of Physical Education-(MPE)

      3. Three years`   Master of physical education( summer  course for in-               

           service teachers.

     4 One Year M.phil in physical education


5. The Institute also conducts in-service training programmes in physical education for ex-Army personnel, Refresher/Orientation course for Physical Education Teachers  in Universities, Colleges and Schools.  The Institute has a well equipped Library having about 30,000 volumes on physical education and allied subjects.




q       The National Service Scheme (NSS) focuses on the development of  the personality of students through community service. This scheme is, at present, implemented in Universities, Colleges and +2 institutions.

q       The Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) caters to the need of non-student rural youth through youth clubs.  The areas covered by NYKS relate to education, training, promotion of national integration, awareness generation, skill and entrepreneurial development, thrift and co-operation, and adventure and sports. NYKS has presently 500 district level offices .   

      (Nehru Yuva Kendras all over the country are shown at Annexure II )


q       The Ministry provides assistance for promotion of adventure activities and also for Establishment and Development of Mountaineering Institutes.Financial assistance for various activities under this scheme is limited to certain ceilings ,as indicated in the Guidelines.

q       Assistance is also provided for the Establishment of Youth Hostels to promote youth tourism. Construction of Youth Hostels has been conceived as a joint venture of the Central and State Governments. The Central Government bears the cost of construction if the State Government provides 1.5 to 2 acres of  developed land free of cost with water/ electricity , approach roads and staff quarters. An amount of Rs.1.60 lakhs is also sanctioned to State Governments for purchase of hostel equipments and furniture.

q       The Ministry also provides Assistance for Scouting & Guiding activities on the part of young boys and girls to develop their character and inculcate in them a spirit of patriotism, social service and communal harmony. Non-recurring central grant is given to the Government of India recognised Scouting and Guiding organisations with adequate experience, resource and separate legal entity. Central grant is given for conducting scouting and guiding camps, training programmes, holding periodical meets at national level on the theme of scouting and guiding ,monitoring and evaluation, and coordination of scouting and guiding activities in India and sharing of experience with other countries,  travelling for participation in important national and international seminars on scouting and guiding and for research and publication on scouting and guiding .     Financial assistance for various activities  is limited  to certain ceilings as indicated in the guidelines.    

q       The Ministry implements a Programme of National Integration and supports a host of activities designed to promote integration.

q       The Ministry provides Assistance to Youth Clubs in order to enable youth to mobilize themselves for their own as well as the community’s welfare. .One-time financial assistance of Rs 10,000/- in normal areas and Rs.15,000/-in tribal areas can be given to each Youth Club under this scheme. For promoting Voluntary Sports Clubs, one in each block in a phased manner, one-time financial assistance of Rs.30,000/- in normal areas and Rs.45,000/- in tribal areas per club is given. One-time financial assistance of Rs.30,000/- is  also provided to Youth Development Centres  which are to serve as the hub of information for the youth from a cluster of 10-15 villages in the area.


q       The Ministry also gives away National Youth Awards and Youth Club Awards for outstanding services rendered by the  youth and Youth Clubs to the community.

q       The Ministry provides Financial  Assistance to NGOs for Imparting Vocational Training and Entrepreneurial Skills to the youth, based on local needs and talents. Assistance is also given to NGOs for holding Youth leadership training programmes and exhibitions involving arts, crafts, folk dances, paintings and various social themes concerning the role of youth.  Similar scheme of financial assistance to NGOs for the benefit of Youth belonging to backward/tribal areas and tribes is also being implemented by the Ministry.  Financial assistances for various programmes is limited to certain ceilings as indicated in the guidelines. . 

q       Through its newly launched Pilot Scheme of National Reconstruction Corps taken up in 80 selected districts, the Ministry provides opportunities to young women and men to dedicate voluntarily one year of their life to the task of national reconstruction.

q       This Ministry, being the Nodal Agency for United Nations Volunteer Scheme, helps Indian Nationals to serve as UN Volunteers in developing and underdeveloped countries.  Youth delegations are exchanged with foreign countries for participation in various youth programmes under the scheme of Exchange of Youth Delegations at International levels..  Through the Commonwealth Youth Programme, visit of youth delegates is organised to Commonwealth countries in the Asian Region .Collaborative programmes are  also organised in the areas of youth concern.

q       The Ministry implements the National Service Volunteer Scheme aimed at providing opportunities to students to involve themselves on voluntary basis in nation building activities.


q       Through the Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu (RGNIYD) an autonomous institution funded fully by the Government, the Ministry  promotes training of youth functionaries and seeks to develop it as a centre for research, evaluation and documentation in the field of youth.


Our Standards


(i)                  Applications forFinancial Assistance


It shall be the endeavour of the Ministry to ensure that proposals for financial assistance under various schemes/programmes are examined and disposed of within the time frame given below: -


q       Receipt of Proposal

1.                   Issue of acknowledgement within 3 days.

2.                   Complete the examination of the proposal within 30 days of receipt (zero day).

3.                   Consideration by Grant-in-Aid  and such other concerned Committees within 45 days of receipt

4.                   Consideration by Integrated Finance Division within 75 days of receipt.

5.                   Issue of sanction/rejection letter as the case may be, within 90 days of receipt.



q       Receipt of Accounts and Utilization Certificate

1.                   Consideration by IFD within 30 days.

2.                   Issue of sanction letter within 45 days.


q       Receipt of Surety Bond/PSR

Release of funds within 15 days of receipt of Pre-stamped Receipt/Surety Bond.



         Disposal of grievances            

Grievances received in the public grievances cell are disposed off under the following norms set by the Department of Personnel and Public Grievances:-

                        i).    Issue of acknowledgement /interim reply         :      2 weeks

                               to the petitioner:.



ii)    Forwarding of the grievances petition.               :       2 weeks

   to the concerned Authority:                                                                                          iii)   Final disposal of transferred/referrd cases by

the   concerned Departments/organisations/.      :         3 months                                         individuals:


iv)   Issue of factual information on Parliament

                               Questions :         .                                                :       2 days 




Guidance and Help


q                 Contact Facilitation Centre at Gate No.6, C-  Wing, Shastri Bhavan,   

          New Delhi-110001  for seeking  information relating to the Ministry of Youth   

           Affairs & sports.

q          Access WEBSITE http:/yas.nic.in for details regarding all the     

      schemes/programmes of the  Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.



            Our Staff for Grievance Redressal


q        The Joint Secretary (Sports)/Director (Public Grievances) welcomes   

    communication from members of the public and staff aggrieved by any action  

    on the part of any officer of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports or those of  

    its field organizations.


q        All grievances pertaining to Ministry can be addressed to Shri B.K.Das, Joint

    Secretary/ Director (Public Grievances), Ministry of Youth Affairs and  

    Sports,504-B`Wing` Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi (Phone 23384441    

    FAX 23384441,  Email jssp.yas@sb.nic.in)



Grievances pertaining to Subordinate /Autonomous Organisations may be addressed to the following officers:-

            1.  Shri K Narsimha, Secretary, Sports Authority of  

                     India, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. New Delhi Phone.No.24353067   

                     Fax.No. 011-24367849.

  2.  Shri.R.S.Banger, Executive Director, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan,    East Plaza.I.G.Stadium, New Delhi.Phone.2339966 Fax.No.23399886      E-mail nyks@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in.


    3.  Shri Dr. K.K. Verma Vice-Chanchellor, Lakshmibai National Institute of  Physical Education, Shakti Nagar, Gwalior.474002(M.P.)    



   4. Shri R.Sellamuthu, Director, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth  

                   Development, Bheemanthangal Sriperumbudur,-602105, Tamil Nadu   



               5.Shri H.S.Kingra, Programme Adviser, NSS, 507.B `C` Wing, Shastri   

                  Bhavan, New Delhi. Phone. 3384072, Fax011-23384513 , E-mail    





            Bureau heads of Youth Affairs & Sports will annually review the charter and a performance audit will be conducted by an outside agency identified by the Ministry.




            The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports has already set up a Public Grievance Cell for receiving complaints/suggestions from the public/individuals/users and clients on the functioning of the Ministry. The Ministry will welcome suggestions from the public/users and clients/others


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