1.          OUR MISSION :-

                    Implementation of the policy of the Govt. of India for providing Minimum Support         

            Price (MSP) to the jute/mesta growers of the country.


                    Serving as a price stabilizing agency in the raw jute sector and taking necessary measures in this respect.


                    Undertaking various extension measures for implementation of different jute related projects.


2.        OUR VALUES  :-

                    Remembering at all times that we are in service to the jute growers whose welfare is the cause of our existence.


                    Building a quality culture for providing best service to our customers.


                    Optimum use of resources with the help of modern technology and management practices.


                    Acting with integrity and judiciousness, transparency and accountability, promptness and courtesy in the best interest of the country and its people.


3.        OUR   COMMITMENT :-

                    Protect the interest of jute growers by ensuring minimum support price to them for their produce.


                    Involve State Governments and Growers’ Co-operatives in minimum support operation of raw jute.


                    Development of the marketing infrastructure and establishment of market linkage for raw jute.


                    Maintain an up-to-date data base on raw jute market and disseminate relevant information and commercial intelligence for the benefit of jute growers and consumers.


                    Taking suitable steps to assist jute growers to get better returns.


                    Stabilisation of raw jute prices in the interest of jute economy.


                    Satisfying the buyer mills through maintenance of BIS standard of grading in raw jute through strict quality control measures and timely supply.


                    Maintain an constant dialogue with jute growers, State Governments of the  jute growing States, Apex Co-operatives acting as our agent, consumers, industries, financial institutions and our employees while framing policies and programmes on raw jute procurement.


                    Provide a monitoring and redressal system to ensure that our responses to the public are sent within the specified time as quickly as possible.


                    Make our rules and procedures as simple as possible and to be vigilant against all malpractices.


                    Up-gradation and expansion of skills of human resources and create an ambience where talent can bloom.


4.         OUR SERVICES  :-


                    Procurement of raw jute directly from the growers either through our own purchase centers or through the agent co-operatives at the minimum support prices fixed by Govt. Of India from time to time.


                    Ensuring correct weight, condition and grading to the growers for their produce when they tender raw jute for sale.


                    Display of reference samples of various grades/varieties of raw jute for the benefit of the jute growers.


                    Building infrastructure for orderly marketing of raw jute and establishing market linkages.


                    Providing market information as a decision support system to the jute growers.


                    Implementing various quality/quantity up-gradation projects for the   benefit of the jute growers.


                    Ensuring timely supply of raw jute of specified BIS standard backed by stringent quality control system and prompt after sales service to the buyer mills against sale contract.


                    Constantly try to capture the voice of the customer in improvement of the service rendered.


                    Conducting Commercial Operation in raw jute/mesta in a judicious manner.


                    Importing/Exporting of raw jute/mesta as and when necessary.


                    Trading in jute gods.


                    Undertaking various extension measures for implementation of different jute related projects.


5.                  OUR BENCHMARK OF PERFORMANCE  :-

                    To buy whatever quantity offered for sale at minimum support prices and ensure that market prices do not sag below the minimum support price declared by the Government of India from time to time.


                    Payment either on spot or at least within 3 days from the date of purchase to all small and marginal growers who tender raw jute for sale at our procurement centers and to ensure correct return for their produce.


                    Timely delivery to the buyer mills jute of grades as specified by BIS against sale contract within 60 days from date of making payment arrangement.


                    Settlement of weight claim with buyer mills within 15 days from the date receipt of the claim


                    Settlement of quality/condition claim with buyer mills within 60 days from the date  of receipt of the claim.


                    Payment of the claim bills within 15 days from the date of receipt of the bills.


6.        OUR RESOURCE  :-

                    A core group of technically qualified and experienced personnel to provide necessary service to the jute growers and to the jute industry.


                    Field level infrastructure at the jute growing States committed for providing best service to the jute growers.


                    Effective mechanism for grievance redressal and preventive vigilance.


7.        OUR REACH  :-

                    We have our Head Office and Registered Office at 15N, Nellie Sengupta Sarani, Kolkata-700087.


                    There are 16 Regional Offices for supervision, control and guidance of the purchase centers distributed in seven jute growing States namely West Bengal, Bihar, Assam Meghalaya, Orisa, Tripura and Andhra Pradesh.  Apart from  this, Apex Co-operative Societies of the jute growing States act as our agent in procurement of raw jute under MSP operation.  In order to forge direct lick with the jute growers more and more village level service societies are being encouraged to participate in the MSP operation.





                    Complaints and grievances are promptly attended to and complainants are informed about the action taken within 21 working days from the date of receipt of complaint letter.


                    Secretary of  the Corporation is the designated public grievance officer of the Corporation.  Particulars of the Public Grievance Officer is given below:


Name                            :  Shri  C. Sengupta

Designation                         :  Secregtary & Chief(Personnel & Admn,)(Offtg.)

Telephone No.                   :  (033) 216-7107

Fax No.                         :  (033) 216-6771

E-Mail                           :   

Website                         :

Gram                             :  “JUTCORPIND”


                    A locked complaint/suggestion box has been kept near the main entrance of the office.  Complaint/suggestion box is opened on every day after 3 p.m.


9.        GUIDANCE & HELPLINES  :-

                    Our reception and facilitation counter is located near the main entrance of our Head Office at 7th floor at 15N, Nellie Sengupta Sarani, Kolkata-700087.  General information are available at this counter.


                    A control room is being operated at the Head Office of the JCI for the purpose of monitoring the MSP operation. Shri Sadhan Basu, Marketing Manager is acting as Incharge  of the Contrrol Room whose contact number is given below:


Telephone No.                   :  (033) 216-6591 (O)

                              :  (033) 415-5751  

Fax No/                   :  (033) 216-6771

E-Mail                    :

Website                   :

Gram                      :   “JUTCORPIND”



















        To promote genuine interest of jute growers in particular and jute economy at large.


        To be a leading player in jute economy through price stabilization effort.


        To establish the Corporation as a Quality leader in the raw jute trade.